Beyond The Hedge

Where the ordinary and the extraordinary come to rest in each others arms!!


It's not time for a revolution, it's time to lean into what has worked for hundreds of years...

Explore our offerings that we are weaving consciously and become a part of our beautiful community. 


A space that sits within the liminal, a wealth of resources, from rites, rituals, magical workings, recopies, videos, an abundance of knowledge that is anchored within the wisdom of The Wheel Of The Year!

Where the ordinary and the unordinary come to rest in each others arms!!

The in between places or the in between times , such as “Twilight”.

The thin places and times are crossroads, where the seen and unseen meet and share the same ground, as if a mist draws back and reveals a threshold, a threshold into the liminal.

Our Next Enrolment into our Hedge School Community is at Imbolc The 1st February 2023 please email  

We Invite you Beyond The Hedge our Community Space.
A place that is beyond learning, its rooted in remembrance