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Beyond The Hedge

Where the ordinary and the extraordinary come to rest in each others arms!!


 It's time to lean into what has worked for hundreds of years...

Explore our offerings that we are weaving consciously and become a part of our beautiful community. 

 This is a time of deep soul Alchemy, and global Alchemy we are being invited to touch the ground and reach deep into the earth, our hearts and souls with our bare hands, and  pull those stories up into the light , like lost seeds, that are yearning to be reborn , retold and remembered .. This is how we move from harm to healing …. Through our collective story….

The call of the wild is an ancient invitation of remembrance,  to come home to ourselves , each other and the land itself ; to re-discover  our  deepest roots. To simply exist in partnership with the land and the woven fabric of all things a part of something greater. Unburdened. Instinctive, Uninhibited and slightly Feral…

Centuries ago, in Ireland, ‘hedge schools’ were created as safe havens for the kinds of teaching that went against the grain. Communities would gather in hidden places - often within groves and amongst the hedgeways, hence the name - to share the wisdom rooted in local culture and the spiritual traditions of our lands, rather than conforming to Patriarchy. 

Earth Journeys is founded on the same idea and our  approach to nature connection is spiritual but deeply practical: inspired by a deep-rooted belief in the power and beauty of the more-than-human world, yet firmly grounded in the realities of everyday life. Community content is informed by a wide range of sources, from earth-based practices to mythology, folklore, spellcraft, rituals, recipes and beyond, and includes…



  • Welcome videos to help you feel at home and find your way

  • An introduction to the  Wheel of the Year

  • Exclusive access to a wealth of developmental resources in holistic mediumship and healing



  • New Moon Oracle card insight with pathworking 

  • Energy Insight for the coming month



  • An array of Spellcraft and Ritual Inspiration

  • Recipes and Craft Workings

  • Songs and Stories

  • Priority Invitation to Earth Journeys Rites and Immersive Experiences!! 

  • Access to a wealth of seasonal resources as the wheel turns...


The doors have now closed to create a tight container to go deep to journey and transform together! 

Our Next Enrolment into our Hedge School  is between 7th & 21 September 2023

As we approach Autumn Equinox   at which point you can - Click Below To Subscribe - Membership £5/mth

Once Subscribed we will email/ issue you a password to access this beautiful space / within 1 working day.

We Invite you Beyond The Hedge our Community Space.
A place that is beyond learning, it's rooted in remembrance 

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