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 The  Inner Compass -Session 


 Do you feel unsure on what’s next in your life?

Do you feel lost in life?  

Do you feel a bit stuck or unable to see a clear path forwards?

Many things can make you feel lost, like the end of a relationship, missed opportunities, or an awareness of your life not moving in the direction you imagined. Sometimes, you aren’t sure why you feel lost, but you can’t shake the feeling of being utterly aimless, floating through life.. 

Though most people don’t talk about it, it’s a feeling many people get.

You might feel like you don’t know the next step to take in life. You might feel helpless, emotionally numb, or like you’ve lost your spark.

You also might feel like you’ve lost sight of the person you want to be!!

Even the hardest and darkest of times hold the spark of monumental transformation and growth.

It's never by chance, it's always by design and it's About growing inside out? 

So let's connect and begin that journey, and always remember the whole world is made up of things coming together and things falling apart, and just when they are falling apart is it possible that they are actually falling into place!! 


Have questions?  see Q&A below:


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Client Testimonial  and How a Session Works



The unexpectedness of the session has left me a little dumbfounded. Shaking me to the core, as my spirit guides gave me lessons, encouragement, and a jolly good kicking to continue to pursue the spiritual path that I have embarked upon late last year (its June now). The audio file of the session that Shane provided has been invaluable. I have listened to it many times and each time deriving encouragement and additional insights into the lessons and the course of actions needed. Each time of listening reinforces my resolve. A thoughtful gift that compliments the beautiful spiritual wisdom arising from the session. I am truly grateful for all that had arisen, it was a special reading/session with some wonderful guides. Shane conducted this session with great sensitivity and a profound sense of wanting to help. He had immense patience in delivering the messages, explaining it from a few angles to help fully illuminate its points. Shane is the genuine article, you will know when the content delivered has that clear ring of truth and aligned with deep wisdom that can only come from the other side. All the best and thank you! "




As the innate often says Healing is a  f*cking messy business YET

Your future can be greater than your past..

How Many Sessions will I need? 

Our one session will definitely have an impact on your mindset and a shift is experienced..


The Inner compass is designed to bring you two sessions of 90 mins..

The Cost?

You can book the complete package for £200 this includes a 90 minutes Orientation Session followed by the 90 minute anchoring session 2 weeks later.. 


Afterwards you will feel different.  This may take some time to sink in, so be aware that it continues to work inwardly as the jigsaw pieces are arranged and rearranged  as this new version of you starts to emerge.  

To shape a life that is full, where joy is not just a luxury its found within the ordinary and non ordinary moments , where the future becomes greater than the past. 

I am excited to work with you, to journey with you along this sea of life, where together we explore adventure, dream and become..

As one of my guides says " When we Dream alone we Dream, yet when we Dream Together We Shape Reality. "

Keep Shining, Sending YOU So Much Love x


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