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"He calmly said no problem."


"Just a year on I have given over 400 readings..."




"Talking to Shane is so natural yet so out of this world. "


"I feel such relief and peace."



Spot on..."  


"Thanks for all the advice Shane."

" clear information to demonstrate his connection"

"...there is so much information going on it's incredible."

"Straight up and honest"

"Thank you for this much needed guidance! "

"Shane has touched a deeper knowing within my spirit & bought to life another meaning. "

"Was amazing as always, really picked me up today,"

Shane . I wanted  to email you  to let you know that something amazing happened to me last night, you may remember I came to see you for a reading a few months ago in June and during the reading my Grandmother Flossie came through in spirit. She said a great deal to you, all of which was familiar to me. Flossie did also say that I wake up at 3-4am  regularly and to prove she was with me in spirit she would wake me up at 3.36am in the future. Well, last night I was having trouble going to sleepI must have dropped off to sleep just after 10pm. Then when I was asleep, I heard  my little girl cough loudly in the next bedroom and I woke up. I picked up my mobile from my bedside table and looked at the time and it was 3.36am and I instantly remembered that Flossie had said she would wake me up at this time to prove she was with me.- kathryn

I have known Shane for many years and have done some training with him in the past - it has been excellent. I have certainly learnt a lot from him and feel honoured to know him on a personal and professional level. He has a very different kind of emotional intelligence and a rare gift. Not only can he communicate fluidly and effectively with spirit but he has a way of translating that information to his clients in a very calm, gentle and healing way. He is the kindest, purist soul I have ever met. I have worked for many years as an Integrative Counsellor and hypnotherapist - a profession where a code of conduct, ethics and regulation are vital in order to keep clients safe. Not many of my clients are spiritually aware and it would not be ethical to share my spiritual interests with them but, there are occasions where a client is very interested in their own spiritual development and in these circumstances I have been able to suggest that they may like to see Shane for a consultation or for personal development. There are also situations where a client and I have been working together and we become ‘stuck’ in terms of progress - only if it is appropriate for that client, we may discuss a consultation with Shane.


In my profession I am not allowed to make a recommendation but I can make a suggestion to the client and let them decide. On the few occasions where I have done this and a client has seen Shane, it has completely fast- tracked our counselling work and taken it to a new and deeper level. They have also been amazed by Shane’s gift. So in certain situations the individual therapeutic ways in which Shane and I work can complement each other really well. The goal is always empowering the client and taking the client forward in their life in a safe and boundaried way. 

- sally - counsellor - horsham area

Just had a long reading with Shane. I was really impressed with how in tune his messages were with my situation. It is so comforting to hear that spirits are supportive of your decisions. Wanted to leave five stars but the computer would not let me. Talking to Shane is so natural yet so out of this world.

- evaclara

Was amazing as always, really picked me up today, can't wait for the new beginnings to happen. Much love from the spirit world with grandad and doris though and the other lady the I will member, lol. Spot on as always! He's the best! Love Shane, really helps me out when needed. What more can I say just have to see it for yourself.

- gemma pierre


Wow terrific reading with Shane. It gives me goose bumps how much he knew about me, my daughter and my brother in law who just passed. Gave me a clear pic of all and my future. I feel such relief and peace. Words can't express my gratitude to you Shane. You are truly a blessing. Luv and light to you.

- janine


Thank you so much. I am so glad I came to see you. You brought clarity to a situation that has not been very clear. Hit the nail on the head. Hugs, love and light.

- karen wren


Shane I feel so calm and in peace talking to you :)

- coco_love


What an amazing Man. I have spoken with many readers over the years... i don't know if i have ever ever had someone so spot on and clear just deliver. I didn't share a word and he was like quickly connecting and sharing information. Connected with someone that i know comes through when I need to receive an important message and made me cry with relief. Very healing. Grateful for his affordability too. Thanks Shane.

- karen


WOW! Spot on, he confirmed the spirit from my mom side and he knows that my aunty has a problem with breathing.Thanks for all the advice Shane. I appreciate much :)

- gisselle


He is such a sweetheart.. clear, honest, straight with his clarity... blessing! Returned few times already.

- gaby11


Shane is fantastic, gives clear information to demonstrate his connection and for your to feel it is genuine and know it to be real. Confirmed many things I needed to feel sure of in order to move forward. Am grateful for the reading and having the pleasure of benefiting from Shane's abilities. Thank you Shane, will keep in touch :). Namaste

- sacha

OMG!!! he is sooo good it is scary, he would say the same thing as I was typing it.. We would say the same thing at the same time.. He knew stuff that just blew me away, I can not even tell you. HE IS AMAZING!! Did I say AMAZING? Do yourself a favor and have a reading with this sweet, accurate, phenomenal reader. A million stars for this sweet soul... Thank you Shane :)

- jill


Shanieeee wanted to write a little thank you and I am sure this speaks for all your 'night shift pub crew' :) Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for being the person you are: kind and thoughtful, sensitive and considerate, a generous and thoughtful man. You are unselfish always putting others before yourself, making me/us feel special and important. Thank you, you are 1 in a million Shane Gadd It is a privilege and a pleasure to know you.

- lisa 


It's an amazing reading. His very fast, I mean there is so much information going on it's incredible. I really like it. Thank you.

- surfas


Straight up and honest :)


- zeigen


Thank you , Shane! You are a beautiful soul and you surely speak the truth. Thank you for this much needed guidance! You really do make a difference in peoples lives! xxx

- lisa

Shane never ceases to amaze me with his gift!!love readings with him he is so accurate and descriptive!!!

- marion


I am completely speechless...if you dont have a reading with this AMAZING man, you are definitely losing out. He is SPOT ON 100% accurate it is so freaking scary. Confirmation is so on point. Shane is definitely one of the best on here and his rate does not do him justice but you can just feel the genuineness coming from him, he really wants to help. I love Shane so much. Thank you for always listening to me when I'm a mess, you are just too awesome. Blessings!!!

- angelrose 2012

I am very fortunate that Shane has crossed my path. When another soul touches you deep in the spirit of your being you know – you know as it makes your heart sing. Shane has touched a deeper knowing within my spirit & bought to life another meaning. The gentle and compassionate presence of Shane comes through his messages – It is a beautiful Gift to be touched by Shane’s selflessness. I will be forever grateful to Shane – God bless him always Amen xx Love & joy 

- Sarah  2012

Hello again Shane. I am emailing to thank you for your reading this evening. You answered all of my questions without me even telling you what they were. Your personality put me at ease straight away. Although I lost my Dad only seven months ago, the whole reading was respectful yet upbeat - it is unusual for me to talk about my Dad without getting very emotional!  Your accurate descriptions of my current life confirm that I am right to have confidence in your view of the future. Offering readings using Skype is a brilliant idea!! Thank you again!!  - Liz Uk


I just want to tell you Shane how much I appreciate your concern, compassion, and guidance. I came into your room today and you immediately connected to me without me saying a word. You spoke to my heart and my soul. You were exactly where I was in my mind and heart. I am so blessed to know you (and Elle) and just wanted to tell you how much very much it means to me to know you. You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I wish for you all the love you show to all of us everyday you are here. Love, Light, and Blessings my friend. XOXO  Januarysbaby0119 


Once again I thank you Shane for your connection and the messages from my mom. I have so felt the need to talk with her and have been trying for weeks and I came into your room and you immediately picked right up on that. You touch my heart with your tenderness and your beautiful gifts. Your words always speak to my mind, heart and soul like no other. I am so very grateful that you are here and so appreciate what you give to me and to all of us here. You made my day so much brighter today. Thank you again my friend. Have a beautiful day! Much love, light and blessings to you and to Sarah. XOXO -   Januarysbaby0119 

Shane you are so such a lovely man, great insight into my family and situation, you were spot on with who come through and have rely help me choose which way to go, I will be back and will defiantly recommend anyone that's thinking if a reading he's without a doult the best iv seen :) Bethany Uk 

"Shane is a breath of fresh air, not only does he genuinely connect into spirit at a fast and clear rate he cuts through your thoughts and feelings and gives a narrative approach that speaks to your soul. There are not many like him. Gold dust for your spirit. If you want fluffy reassurance for your issues don't come here - this is the place for your soul growth and spirit reintegration, if you are open" Lorraine London Uk

Hi Shane, I wanted to thank you for your message Wednesday, my connection was poor but was able to watch the replay. You were spot on, the woman who came through was my mother-in-law who passed nearly three months ago. It was such a comfort to feel her beautiful spirit again. Thank you for the wonderful work you do. Amber

Hi Shane


Something amazing just happened…..I don’t normally watch a lot of TV but a friend  stayed for dinner and she said she wanted to watch The One Show, which I have never seen.


After 5 minutes they did a feature on Corona Drinks and how they were delivered to people’s houses years ago


Shane, at the end of my reading today, spirit was trying to give you evidence for me and he mentioned Corona green bottles and how they were delivered to people’s houses! You told me to watch out for Corona.


Isn’t that amazing, that I don’t usually watch much TV and that my friend  asked if we could watch that program AND that they had a feature on Corona……that is huge evidence from spirit....




Hi Shane,


Thanks for the reading on Tuesday.You were absolutely right.You have helped to reset my compass.


All the very best,



 Shane Gadd is truly a gifted man when it comes to connecting with spirit!!! I have had several messages from spirit, skillfully, lovingly and truthfully delivered by him and he always brings through that bit of evidence and confirmation to back it up! Not only is he a gifted medium, he is also the most kindhearted, generous person, who is constantly offering give-aways, free Spreecasts, and readings on Oranum, in an effort to awaken our innate intuitive, gifts and offer comfort and love, via spirit. He is the real deal and he never disappoints...Thanks so much for all that you do Shane <3


Hi shane sorry to bother you but I just wanted to quickly say thanks again for my reading since then iv had a whole new out look on life and because of that its become so much better, me and my fiance are getting on like a house on fire, iv growen as a person I feel and iv got this fire and passion to do more and everything is going great since my reading. 
So I guess seeing you was one of the best things iv ever done. 
Thanks for changing my life for the better!


Just had a long reading with Shane. I was really impressed with how in tune his messages were with my situation. It is so comforting to hear that spirits are supportive of your decisions. Wanted to leave five stars but the computer would not let me. Talking to Shane is so natural yet so out of this world.

- evaclara


Shane thanks within 3 minutes of you talking you knew more about me than some of my family! its the best reading I have had and made so much sense. Now looking foward to the future...


- Carolyn UK  

Hi Shane, it's Charlie. I honestly can't thank you enough for the reading earlier. I so needed clarity on what has been such a mind-boggling situation and I cannot believe how spot on you were with everything. I now have the courage to trust my convictions and make steps onto getting back on the path to happiness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. X


I had become more aware of activity and feelings around me that were not reflecting my life or situation at the time. The feeling of people and thoughts that came from the unseen energies close to me that I could not touch… I thought I was going nuts… I have a very grounded job and live in the real world, which made me really curious to learn about it more without the fairies and goblins.
I contacted Shane and asked if he could help control these connections I had been experiencing. He calmly said no problem. Just a year on I have given over 400 readings and have a strong reputation within the world of mediumship… We all have the connection. Shane just helps you understand and develop it… My world is more transparent since I finished my training… And I’m no longer scared of the dark.

- william

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