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" The Art of Intuitive Tarot " 

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Would you like to learn the basics and explore a holistic approach to Reading Tarot and Oracle Cards?

A wonderful online course " The Art of Intuitive Tarot " steeped in 27 years of experience of turning the cards!!

This Course is delivered via video format, with over 13 videos 

Access to our monthly online Tarot Journey from February 2024 via Skype

The " The Art of Intuitive Tarot "  Course

Enrol now and get instant access to ALL Tarot Teachings


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*** Essential Information ***

Once Booked, you will receive your unique password and essential links to begin and start this wonderful journey.. Unique access - delivered within 24 hours between Monday and Friday!! 

“I’ve been impacted so profoundly by the wisdom you share and completing the exercises. Its given me the confidence to move forward's  and pick up the cards!"

Lucy Walters

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