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Inspired Collaborations 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

“We don't heal in isolation, but in community.”
“Its a time of remembering rather than learning, for we are in a cycle of return, we are being woven back into the centre.

The earth is releasing her stories, our stories, the history of humanity, is rising to the surface.. The true history, not the fragmented, distorted version, so much of our lost and buried wisdom will be reclaimed, remembered and re integrated".

In the Forest

Our Story

We are being woven back into the centre, we are in a cycle of return, as we continue to move from harm to healing!! A time that is beyond learning, a time of deep remembrance. We have a deep rich heritage of deep mystical knowledge , wisdom and direct experience that courses through our veins . We descend from the Mystery Schools , the land beneath our feet is releasing the stories , so we may remember that we were once all alchemists and magicians… Not bound and enslaved into survival, we were designed to thrive and live from our hearts, gently yet fiercely with love in our hearts..

Below are just some of the most heartfelt people that have shaped and inspired me to become who I am today!! 

Take a look at this, once in a while something comes along that sparks such nourishing, nurturing change , such a beautiful inspire spirit led vision!!

The Soul Medicine Festival  - As Spirit often say, we don't heal in isolation, we heal in community -  when we dream alone, we dream yet when we dream together we shape reality!! 

Some of the most Magical People I have ever known

Thick Forest
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