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Bespoke Stories 

Are you looking for something special at your gathering?
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Our Roots are Forged upon a collection of stories, a living world of tales, that changed and shifted from one teller to the next, an organic varied world of living breathing stories.. We live amongst those stories… What story do you carry, hold and share?

Would you like to bring people together?

For a bespoke gathering and immersive experience?

I love to spend the summer months sharing stories and ceremonies around the fire!


One of the most beautiful ways to do so, around the fire under the stars, or at twilight or even at the heart of the day when everything is at its fullest!

I love to travel to other heart centred spaces, and gatherings, to share spirit led stories and ceremonies woven into my gift of seership and holistic mediumship! 

For your gathering, or a retreat/ event, that you are facilitating, or a personal occasion if that be a handfasting, a birthday, a home / house warming or  a pivotal rite of passage, as new beginnings or endings , all of which that you wish to mark.. 


I can pen, write and weave a bespoke story or even use one of my medicine stories that have been gathered over the last 27 years of experience, alongside a gentle ritual, unique to you and your guests, and the occasion you are marking in the sand. 

Brining life to your unique journey! 

If you are interested in knowing more, please do get in touch via the form  detailing the gathering/occasion and I will send you a reply.

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