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Wild Garlic Sauerkraut

Prep Time:

30 Minutes + fermenting time!

Cook Time:

10 Minutes




About the Recipe

Fermenting wild garlic allows you to keep your greens ‘fresh’ for many months. However, they are so scrummy that I suspect they won’t last even a few weeks! Nature’s natural probiotics, lactic acid fermented foods have been used by indigenous peoples for millennia. It’s the way we preserved food before the arrival of the refrigerator!


  • A large quanitity of foraged wild garlic leaves

  • Plenty of good quality salt


Step 1

Chop up the cleaned Ramsons, then start massaging the sea salt into the greens. It might take as long as 10 minutes for the salt to start  breaking down the plant fibres, thereby releasing liquid. Pound and bash with a rolling pin to release more liquid.

Step 2

Next put a plate over the plant matter, and weigh it down with a jar of water and a heavy weight (e.g. books). Make sure that the plant matter is totally submerged under the liquid. Leave for 24 hours, then…

Step 3

Put the plant matter and liquid into a clip top jar (Kilner jars are good)  and press down so the plant matter is again submerged. Next fill a zip lock bag with water and place in the jar to weigh down and keep the plant matter under the liquid. Leave for 2-3 weeks before trying. You can then remove the ziplock bag and clip the lid shut.

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