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Dreaming The Seeds - The Whispers of Imbolc - Rite and Journey

Updated: Jan 13

“So now, as the Maiden form of the Goddess whispers to us of hope and new beginnings at the festival of Imbolc, it is on a cold February morning that you are invited to step onto the ‘Wheel of the Year.”

― Carole Carlton

"What stories of Hope live within us? What stories of Hope can we share around our Imbolc Fires? Around our Imbolc Hearth? “Hope can be a powerful force.

- Inspiration from Brigid Goddess of Imbolc

Already many people are heralding spring. I say sssshhhh, we are still dreaming the seeds.. In this episode I share some of the whispers of the season, of Imbolc and some of the stories stirring!! Insights into our patroness Brigid and how she showed herself now and over the years!! Just what is Imbolc and who is Brigid?

The start of our Imbolc hearth , Brigid came to us many winters back as a Shepherdess , so as we approach the end of January and start of February.

I feel the call to wander the wintery landscape gathering a little fleece from the hedgerows, and spin it by candle light into soft white yarn, using gypsy thorn spindles, which will then be woven into the yarn we use on the wishing scarves.

A crafted doll of Brigid sits on our Ancestral Altar and also in our kitchen, a beautiful gift we were given many winters back, and ironically look at her Antlers a obvious connection to Elen, that has only come to light this past Year .

She has a sheath of wheat and a crown of antlers, whispers of sovereignty .. We will leave offerings of grain and honey, for all the Landwights.

We have a pot of seeds on our altar. Maybe for planting, or if any sister within our clan wants a baby this year, for her to eat.

Our Beautiful Brigid Doll rests in the Magical Space Within our kitchen reminding me The Old Ways are so relevant in the times we live in!! Bridging the Ancient with the Morden, To craft, make, weave, anchoring and navigating such uncertain times!!! A way of connecting and reconnecting to what is so important and simple, connection to ourselves, the land we stand upon, the air we breathe, and its people, and their stories, and traditions, those who come before us and those who are yet to come!!

The Ebbs and Flows of the Seasons and the turning of the Wheel!! The Brigid Doll came to me just before Imbolc 2019 gifted by my dear friend @puregroundflowers Brigid even then gently whispered to me these words.

“ Hope and Renewal” Hope being the word that carries, whilst there have been the darkest of days that the land is upholding its promise there will indeed be longer and brighter days!!! And so Hope also lives within us!!! What stories of Hope live within us? What stories of Hope can we share around our Imbolc Fires? Around our Imbolc Hearth? “Hope can be a powerful force. Maybe there's no actual magic in it, but when you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make things happen, almost like magic.” Light candles and fires often. Not only will you find me in the flames when you choose to look, you will find a spark within yourself”