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May Eve - Beltane Rite / Merry Moon April 30th

The REAL New Year is NOT on January 1st? Is it?

Surely the real New Year, nature's new year, starts when the cycle of life begins again with a NEW GROWTH and new blossoms, blossoms is another story, one of DMT and chemical reactions, nature's way of waking us up and producing that spring in our steps.

You can’t begin something new in the dead of winter, this is why so many people break their New Year’s resolutions in one to six weeks after making them! This is because Winter is not the right time to set goals; Spring is?

After talking to a good friend, if only we could trace back the deep roots of our old calendars, we may find that the new year was birthed on the 1st of April, ironically it's now known as April Fools day, once again a distorted inversion... As if they are laughing in our faces!!

In fact, 11 cultures don’t celebrate New Year on January 1st! Interestingly enough, our ancestors celebrated the New Year in Spring!

Once it was lunar-based and ten moons long.

The beginning of a new year started the calendar afresh and signalled to farmers to sow spring wheat. An auspicious first day of the new year.

The Romans alongside the church eventually transitioned away from a lunar to a solar calendar.. That for me is a clear sea change, bringing about the great forgetting.... It's not by chance , it was by design, that we were led away from the care, mystical nature and nurture of the Divine Feminine.. From the Moon, and her ways..

Yet the earth is releasing her stories, so we may remember, for she is ushering us into a cycle of return, we are being woven back into the centre, as we continue to move from harm to healing!!

Happy New Year Beautiful People, here is to reclaiming the real and true new year..

Tonight we feast, share stories, weave music.. And celebrate the great mystery!! the remembering of the non physical/ human world to ring out, loud and clear once more.. To journey to the edge of the world and bring back its songs..


My thoughts as we welcome May Eve Merry Moon

Let's bring back apprenticeships, and community led learning, from elders and wisdom keepers, this is the pathway now, honouring the lineage , preserving and embodying the teachings!!

This is our path!!</