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Earth Journeys - The Wheel of The Year - My Rites Offerings and Magical Workings.

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

My work and Consultations are often described by my clients as a Journey, a Journey from place to another… A journey that cascades into the depth, heart and core of self, and beyond time, layers fall away, what is often and always revealed is raw, real heartfelt truths. Deep healing is discovered.. Dropping into the blood and bones of life… We meet as strangers and part as kin. For we have undertook a journey of courage , grit, heart and grace.. I am totally honoured to do this work.. To sit with you, to take these journeys, soul journeys, to be met fully by our loved ones our ancestors, those that have come before us , those that have been taken to early, those that we have lost, yet with my hand on my heart they have never left us, they walk beside us, they love us with all their mite, and for a brief while we sit on a bridge between here and the otherworld, the rainbow bridge.. We travel and we are met fully with their love… This is what I do, this is what we do, we undertake journey’s…

If you have had a Session/ Consultation with me, how would you explain it? what comes from it?, what are your feelings and experiences of it? Please share your story below in the Comments.

Alongside my Consultations,

Come late Summer I intend to introduce My Earth Journeys .. Immersion into the fabric and wisdom of the land, and one of those pathways, when it is safe to do so, is to start to facilitate local Open Ceremonies and Rites beside an Ancient Oak Tree and Mere honouring the Wheel of The Year, Anchored in my recently discovered heritage.. Yet a path that I have walked the whole of my life.. Yet now is the time to Own it fully. Especially as I approach my 50th year… The rites will be heartfelt yet simple involving all that come, an offering, poetry, song drum, chant and magic, and importantly the talking stick…I intend to start this in and around Loaf Fest. Anchored in Community and Healing reclaiming the wisdom of our forebears, honouring the land and spirits and gods and goddesses that dwell their..

On a far-flung cluster of 18 of the most impossibly beautiful islands, Faroe Islands, Denmark: Tucked away at the bottom of a mountain-enclosed inlet, a grass-roofed village occupies a mystical, moody realm in Denmark’s Faroe Islands. This island, Streymoy, is just one of 18 that make up the windblown and remote archipelago that sits about 200 miles off the coast of Scotland.

For me since discovering my Nordic/Irish ancestry it brings a greater sense of meaning and purpose as I journey the wheel of the year. as my ancestors once did. Our celebrations humble us and brings us together with our Gods, Goddesses and our ancestors, honouring the ebb and flow of the land and its seasons. the Old Norse Germanic word for these rites were known as Blot is derived from the ancient Germanic word for "blessing"

Something that is very dear to me is this song for many reasons.. Its known as Lívstræðrir meaning Threads of Life preformed by Eivør & John Lunn its beautiful and haunting..

You don’t just hear this... you feel this... absolutely amazing in every way!! it's like I've connected with ancestors from over 1000 years ago.. this music is a bridge between that era and the present. So powerful. The music takes me to faraway lands and far-gone times it is the music of the the Faeroe people, and The Faeroe Islands, my people, 200 miles north-northwest of Scotland, and about halfway between Norway and Iceland. I am forever thankful for discovering the threads that flow through my life...


Rites, Blots, Offerings and Symbel

The main rites celebrated in Heathenry are called blōt and symbel (pronounced sumble). Heathen groups and individuals hold feasts and celebrations based around blōt and symbel at rites of passage (such as weddings or baby-namings), seasonal holidays, oath-takings, rites in honour of a particular God or Gods, and rites of need (in which Gods and/or ancestors are asked for help).

Historically A blōt was a offering to the Gods , alfs or ancestors. A feast followed afterwards at which the meat was shared amongst the participants. Blōts were held to honour the Gods or to gain their favour for specific purposes such as peace, victory, or good sailing weather.

A modern blōt centres around the offering of food or drink (often mead) or other items to the Gods and tends to be followed by a feast. It may be a simple rite or a more elaborate one depending on the purpose of the blōt and the number of participants. In an indoor blōt where food is offered, it is common to lay a place for the God, ancestor or alf at the table. During a blōt held outdoors offerings are often thrown onto a fire. Or butter laid on a scared stone outside the dwelling or home or mead poured at the base of a tree..