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Enchanting Your Wreath This Yuletide using Spell Craft and Magic

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

December's Moon, known as Oak Moon.. It will soon be time for us to get out together and Forage for Holly and Evergreens to craft our Yule Wreath and hang it on the door…Something as a family across 3 generations we hold dear, As we have a direct relationship with the land itself..

"On this Oak Moon we lay this Wreathe upon this door!!

May it watch over this House, this Home this Door, Day and Night!!

I am reinforcing this Boundary of Light.. For this is our Sacred rite,

Shine Bright and Grow in Light, Shine Bright Grow in Light, Shine Bright and Grow in Light, By the powers of 3 times 3 this is our will so may it be!!"

You can Trace the Wreathe, Circle, Star with a Wand, Crystal or even your finger to seal the magic and activate it.. If you have already placed your wreathe on your door.. nothing stops you enchanting it this Oak Moon"

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