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Staff Crafting Journey Autumn 2022

This weekend saw a wonderful group gather beyond the woodland gate, we created a lovely space to craft and journey, under the Parachute, a lovely fire nearby, kettles and a wholesome soul soup, to warm and nurture all those that journeyed, coppiced and birthed there very own staffs..

All from Hazel and Willow..

It was so lovely to see such beautiful medicine tools be brought to life, both through crafting and also through ceremony..

Closing the day with a beautiful drum blessing by Judy, and Anandini leading us in a heartfelt rite, gifting Father Fire an offering of Cedar!!

Dad shared such deeper wisdom of Hazel and Willow..

There are several variations on an ancient tale that nine hazel trees grew around a sacred pool, dropping nuts into the water to be eaten by the salmon.

In legend and folklore, the hazel, along with the apple and hawthorn, is a tree often found at the border between the worlds where magical things may happen.

The magical power of the hazel still lives today whenever a water-diviner uses hazel-rods to dowse for water. As the rod bends to reveal the water within the earth, it may be that it is also straining to reconnect with ancestors, the nine sacred trees at the Well of Wisdom deep within the memory of the land.

Then there is willow … Many traditional tools are made of willow. A wand made from the branch of a willow tree has always said to hold power in vivid dreaming, drawing down the moon and protection while traveling the underworld.

Willow trees are gentle and are also dreamy, liminal, it is said that many a young girl has whispered her hopes and dreams into its leaves.

Such a beautiful day, lovely to work in the woods as the land slips from Autumn into Winter.