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The Bothy

“They Said Grow A Garden” and what a journey it's been, never for one moment did I know where it would lead or take me!! What growth would come from the ground, and the changes its supported within me and around me.

As All Hallowed Eve approaches, the darkest part of the year!! For our Ancestors it was a time of of reflection, resting, drifting, dreaming and connecting to the wisdom within ourselves, a time to take stock!! To reflect on where we have come from and where we are going, what we carry forward what we gently leave to rest.

At Samhain, All Hallowed Eve, Halloween, the Earth is plunged into its darkest time of the year, we bless the seeds whose germination in the dark would once again bring life, when the Sun returned. Ceremonies were held at the sacred places, in among the Groves, The places that whisper to its people…

Here the Grain Mother becomes the Crone, the wise woman, the death aspect of her trinity, I often see her as The Morrigan. These myths reflect the understanding of the year's cycle. Death and darkness were seen as a period of rest and regeneration before rebirth at Winter Solstice.

I sit by my metaphoric fire share the stories of the year I deeply reflect on this journey, there has been so much change, so much change in the world, so much shifting and unfolding, its good to sit and listen to what its all saying, I take a breath and pause I let go as I breathe out, sitting gently in this pause I let go of what is heavy, It falls away from me like leaves from a tree.

I lie back and enjoy the peace and the darkness, as I dream new dreams and see potential in new possibilities. I Remember Matt saying that Last Winter Solstice he had a dream of a large wall giving way, giving way to the greatest of changes, all leading to transformation… that truly has been the makings of this last year…

In the coming weeks my dear friends will bring together and build the Bothy, They have gifted and brought about a beautiful vision. One that I am truly moved and touched by!! Its the greatest of gifts, that is already nourishing those around me.

The Bothy’s vision is a space that nurtures growth, inside and out, it represents community, and a place to sit and share, share a story , and always be able to share a warm cup of chai!! A place of connection, Friendship and Family, ideas and dreams, a place to reconnect to the old traditions in a modern way, a place to feel the rhythm of the Land, to learn and to teach, to reclaim our relationship to the land and our food. A garden...

Its a Hearth, a light. Hearth Keeping is Remembering the old stories and the old ways, hold the community knowledge and wisdom, and teach those stories and lessons. The hearth-keepers tend to the land tend to home. A space between the worlds, life beyond the five bar gate.

Hearth-keeping is revolutionary: it is how we will rebuild the world, at the heart of it, is community, friendship, family, a regenerative approach to all aspects of life.

Even as I write this the lovely little community that has sprung to life beyond that 5 Bar Gate have suggested a Winter Solstice gathering over a Curry!! Just sometimes if you hold a little bit of light the rest follows…

Heartfelt thank you to all my friends, and family that are friends, to all my teachers, to all of you, that I have been blessed to sit with and truly connect, beyond the rushed and hurried world…

The biggest of thanks to my two dear friends who with so much heart and grace brought to life a vision, and bestowed us all the most beautiful gift!! And what a gift it is, there will always be a place at Our Table, and a place beside the fire for you!!

If you feel inspired I would love to invite you to my new page “ The Bothy” A space to share, simple truths for a complicated world, a space of Spirit, where slow seasonal living is at its core. To connect to This Page @lifebeyondthefivebargate Home

I put the kettle on xxx

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