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The Door Washing Charm

To Harmonise and Protect the Loving Energy of Hearth and Home.

A simple charm to help safeguard the home and boost harmonious energies within. And who knows a little magical gift for your visitors too....Our front doors are the portals between the outside world and the sanctity of our homes. Whether your front door is the actual entrance you use to get into your house, or you go through the back door and only formal guests pass through it, this gateway deserves some attention.

Simple energetic care-taking!! I never perform Magic half heartedly or lightly!! It’s something I sit with and then move into!! With Winternights firmly here its a time where I like to clear , clean and seal the door and threshold Magically.. Known as The Door Washing Charm!!

Often using a combination of Oils and Herbs Nature’s Bleach!! Inside then Outside! Across the threshold.. At the same time I recited my Magic, a simple yet punchy Spell... standing at The Door!! I am reinforcing my Boundaries of Light! I Let the words and actions move from within me.. Magic is Organic, it's alive , it is not just merely performed..

I fixed and anchored a Magical Ward across the threshold and Imprinted it into the Door using Sacred Spring water, which I charged using Crystal points, Charged the Blot Bowl which was sitting on a lovely Full, Waxing and Waning wooden Altar block, that was beautifully gifted to me !! I have often concluded the Working by gently inscribing a sigil into the door frame threshold using Chili Oil and Lavender!!

Magic is about feeling it’s what charges the rite and spell!!

You will need: 3 drops of orange oil - invites good fortune, happiness and contentment

2 drops of clove oil - encourages courage and protection

2 drops of lime essential oil - for purification and love Hot water

A white cloth

A bowl or bucket

Place your lovely oils into your bowl and pour on hot water. When the water has cooled sufficiently stir well in a clockwise fashion. Then take your cloth and gently wipe your door starting in the centre and working outwards in a clockwise movement. Do inside and out and also clean the threshold!!

Whilst doing this repeat three times (either aloud or in your head):

"I protect this home and shield all within. Love, peace and harmony, I call you in…

I enchant and charm this ward ( Magical Symbol, Or Wreath attached to the Door)

Watch over this house, home and door, day and night

Shine Bright, For I am reinforcing my boundary of light, for this is my sacred rite!!

When you have done this wring your cloth out under running water, dry thoroughly and keep it for further cleansing. Pour your water out safely outside. And feel the difference.

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