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The Moon rests right above the treeline..

The Moon rests right above the treeline, this woodland that feels like home.. First New Moon of the year, I cannot see her , yet I know she is there, I feel her presence , in my blood and my bones.. Time feels less important now, yet it's greatly appreciated.. After all, How many Winters and Summers do we have left?

Sound carries differently at twilight, the birds scatter a mile down the track, they know I am there, it's a little reminder to walk with ease, a little more aware and importantly it's asking me to take intentional steps, a good metaphor for life right now!! As seeds, insights and inspiration simmer away gently in my Cauldron this New Moon...

I turn a corner , I smell wood smoke, the flames greet me, a gentle crackle, and I smile, I rest myself beside the fire, I gently pick up the cast Kettle, and place it on the edge.. It will take time to boil, it's in no rush, and nor am I .. The kettle was built to last, a Gypsy Kettle , that has sat on many fires, witnessed many stories and moments of silence..

I whisper to the Moon.. yet she knows what is my heart… I sit listening.. deeply . I am sitting between the worlds.. Dried Mugwort, a little Sage, Valerian, will make a sacred Tea.. and a bundle of Mugwort for the Fire.. The smoke swirls and the fragrance carries… I live between this world and the world of Man, yet my heart carries me to this spot more often, each and every day.. Sitting beside this fire.. A Simple Way of Life… Honest and True.. Everything stripped back.. Wholesome..

Another friend now sits beside the fire, I cannot see her , yet I know she is there, she smiles. I sense it, feel it, it carries across the flames, as the smoke does… She smiles from underneath her cloak, her piercing green eyes, and simply says “ It's the Life of A Seer, Shane” yet it's more of a question than an answer!! I feel a path ahead, what is required, the Cauldron simmers a little more, yet it's beyond plans, or planning .. it's more about becoming, experiencing, and being.. It's emergence at work..

I give deep thanks, and gently place another log alongside the fire, Ash.. It burns with heart.. I take a long slow deep breath.. And within a moment an hour has gone by…

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