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There Is no Higher Power!! Everything is a Higher Power!! You are the Innate and The Innate is You!

Their was a time I was barely able to walk with my whole life upside down. I walked out of that Hospital with so much grit and determination.. I stood feeling the sunshine on my face, feeling I had been given another chance.. I was so humbled and I said to myself from this day on may I never waste another moment.. And most days I live up to that promise… The one thing in this life I have always been able to rely on was “ Spirit “ “The Innate” A higher power.. I woke up the very next morning and there was nothing.. Absolutely f*ck all.. I leaned into a empty space.. No presence , no warmth, no light.. This totally destroyed me at the time.. I was scared and felt alone.. Felt abandoned ( that was the wounding that was to be healed)

For 9 months there was silence.. I was at home recovering from major surgery… 72 metal staples held my hip together.. My bionic hip… Spirit had chosen their timing with perfection.. Planned and engineered.. “It's never by chance it's by design” I went from distress to shock.. To fear… to agitation, to anger… then something snapped in me… I got it.. I had the answers in me.. I was to trust in me.. I was forced inwardly… The Innate had gifted me the most beautiful gift.. They had gifted me the experience that this higher power had always been in plain sight .. It was hiding within me.. We are not separate from it.. There is no higher power.. Everything is a higher power!! Their is no heaven their is no hell… their is only…. “IS”

In the words of Krishna Das, who is a beautiful light an incredible reflection of what is good and great

We need courage. Yet above all we need heart!! We need courage not to give up. Because life goes on, everything is going to go on, try to stay with it as best you can. Don’t give in to fear, don’t give in to too much worry. Do what you can to overcome that. It’s not courage for nothing. It’s courage for the sake of your own heart and the hearts of those around you... and dream ourselves into our new future!!”

What a gift.. So you see that gift was to show me. That The Higher Power that you seek! Is right there.. So the next time you want to have a chat with the innate or that higher power, simply take yourself to the mirror!!

I often get told I am a Teacher I am no Teacher.. I am a Mirror.. Your Inner light, Your Inner Compass that’s your Teacher .. Trust your heart, trust your presence, trust your life… None of this is a mistake .. its never by chance its by design..

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