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Winternights Tie Cutting Candle Magic

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

All Hallows Eve - Samhain - Winters Night - Tie Cutting Candle Magic

A cord cutting ritual or ceremony is intended to cut any unhealthy energetic cords between you and other people. Many people may use cord cutting rituals after break ups to help shift the energy and reclaim lost parts of themselves!!

I personally use this as the energy of the land turns to go deep within the dark earth, into the roots, the bones so do I.

We gently slip into the liminal, into the darkness, into a place of rest and reflection, I naturally, consciously stop, reflect on what I am doing, what is waxing and waning in my life, where my time and attention is best served. I consciously magically with care, goodness and deep kindness, care take the soul, tend to my deeper self, and perform a simple piece of Candle Magic..

The physical actions for the cord cutting is simple, all you need is two candles and a piece of string/cord/twine. Tie the twine into a circle with a knot and place the candles on either end inside of the twine. You can get a little more fancy, if you would like, by dressing the candles in herbs or burning the candles with herbs around it. The type of candle does not really matter, you can use chime/taper candles or tealight candles, whatever you have will work. Use your intuition and allow it to guide you.

Lighting one Single Black Candle representing all of what does not serve me, all of what I have outgrown , and a White Candle representing what is nourishing and good and great in my world.. In between the candles I tie a simple yarn of wool, I hold the intent and space reciting these words..

Magic Mend Candle Burn, Out with the Old In with The New, Out With The False and In With the True… By the powers of 3 times 3 this is my will so may it be…

Basic Flame Meanings 🔥

  • Tall, Strong flame: A tall, strong flame indicated that the work is working.

  • Low flame: A low flame can indicate that more work needs to be done.. This can indicate not enough energy for the spell to work.

  • Short, Weak flame: A short and weak flame can indicate that your intentions or timing may be off, especially if it weakens.

  • Steady flame: A steady flame is a positive indication that the spell is working in your favour.

  • Blue/Coloured flame: A blue or coloured flame can indicate the presence of a spirit, angel or highly evolved entity.

  • Dancing flame: A dancing flame indicates that the work will work, but not without any problems/resistance.

  • Flickering flame: A Visitor has joined you..

  • Crackling/ Popping flame: A crackling/popping flame can indicate resistance or opposing forces, use your intuition as if it is opposing forces, you will generally know exactly who it is. example if you are doing protection work, a crackling or popping flame would indicate someone with bad intentions is talking about you or working against you.

  • Dual flame: A dual flame can indicate that another force, energy, spirit or deity has joined the work and is generally a good sign that your work is working.

  • Flame self-extinguishes: This means that the work is done, a self extinguishing flame is a great indication that your work went well and your prayer was received by the Spirit world.

  • Quick burning, this would say that there is weight and force behind this and you are more than ready to move on..

Remember to trust your intuition and inner guidance.

This Spell Craft works in harmony with " The Door Washing Charm "

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