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Winternights Candle Magic

These autumn days are beautiful, there is a restfulness in the air as the season around invites me to go inwards to somewhere quieter and more thoughtful within.

As the energy of the land turns to go deep within the dark earth, into the roots, the bones so do I. we gently slip into the liminal, into the darkness, into a place of rest and reflection, I naturally, consciously stop, reflect on what I am doing, what is waxing and waning in my life, where my time and attention is best served. I consciously magically with care, goodness and deep kindness, care take the soul, tend to my deeper self, and perform a simple piece of Candle Magic..

Lighting one Single Black Candle representing all of what does not serve me, all of what I have outgrown , and a White Candle representing what is nourishing and good and great in my world.. In between the candles I tie a simple yarn of wool, I hold the intent and space reciting these words..

Magic Mend Candle Burn, Out with the Old In with The New, Out With The False and In With the True… By the powers of 3 times 3 this is my will so may it be…

As the candles are burning the spell is cast and the magic is running.. It gently dissolves what is no longer serving you, the cords break, burn and literally dissolve, the candles go out and it is done, a simple yet punchy piece of Magic… From Dark to Light!!!


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